Body Language During Interviews

Do you know what your body language is saying?

Your body language during an interview can make a huge difference. But its’ a hard tightrope to walk. You want to appear confident, but not obnoxious or arrogant. Here is some advice to let your body do the talking during an interview:

Your Walk – Practice your walk. Be upright and confident. Walk with purpose and energy BUT DON’T Strut

The Handshake – Make sure your palms are dry! Ideally have a firm squeeze. This is a fine balance to achieve as no one likes a limp handshake, but equally you do not want an aggressive handshake with too much force on the squeezing which can indicate a lack of sensitivity and make you seem overly aggressive.

Posture – Sit up straight. Lean in very slightly to show interest, but not too much as you do not want to invade the interviewers personal space. (Which is at least 20 inches). DON’T slouch, this seems as though you are disinterested or bored. DON’T fidget this can make you seem under confident, as if you have not prepared.

Arms / hands – DON’T cross your arms this seems defensive and uncomfortable. Use your hands when you speak to emphasise your words. Upward palms can convey openness and honesty.

Eye Contact – Good eye contact can make you appear more confident. No eye contact makes you seem untrustworthy. If there is more than one interviewer try to make eye contact with all of them, but don’t try to stare them out as this can seem overly aggressive, dominant and maybe a little creepy. Try to look in the eye nose mouth triangle for two-thirds of the time.

Enthusiasm – Convey your enthusiasm with appropriate gestures.  Nod your head in agreement, but be careful not to nod too much as no one wants to look like a nodding dog!

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