Terms and Conditions

The following terms constitute the full terms and conditions of the governing agreements made between 1ST CHOICE COMPUTER AND MANAGEMENT APPOINTMENTS LIMITED (’1st Choice’) and their Clients (’Clients’) for the introduction by 1st Choice to the Client of Candidates for employment.

These Terms and Conditions are deemed to be accepted by the Client by virtue of an interview or the engagement by the Client of an applicant introduced by 1st Choice.

Our fee for the successful introduction of an applicant to a Client is 15 % of the applicant’s total annual salary being payable within 21 days of the Candidate’s commencement date.

Interest at a rate of 3% per month shall be paid on any overdue account. Such interest will be calculated from the last day of payment permissible within our terms. In addition the Client shall pay to 1st Choice any solicitors or agents fees and disbursements incurred by 1st Choice in the recovery of the account.

The Client shall be liable for the Company’s introduction fee if any applicant introduced or offered for engagement by the Company, is engaged by the Client within 6 months of such introduction or offer.

Should any Candidate introduced by us leave your employment (for any reason other than redundancy), within a period of 3 months from the commencement date of such employment (the commencement date) we undertake to use our best endeavours to find some other suitable Candidate at no further charge to you.

In the event of our being unable to find a suitable Candidate within a period of two calendar months of the original Candidate leaving your employment, we undertake to refund a percentage of the fee (exclusive of expenses) paid by you for the introduction of the original applicant.

If the applicant probation period is 3 months then the repayment scheme is as follows:-

During weeks 1 to 4 – 60%; During weeks 5 to 8 – 45%; During weeks 9 to 12 – 30%. No repayment will be made until three calendar months have elapsed since the commencement date.

The above being subject to the following conditions:

  • Our account, having been paid in full within 21 days of the date of invoice.
  • We are notified, by you in writing within one week of the Candidate leaving your employment.
  • We are given sole opportunity to find a suitable replacement for that vacancy.

The Company endeavours to introduce applicants whose qualifications and experience match the Client’s requirements. Any information or advice given by 1st Choice to the Client as to the suitability of any particular Candidate is supplied in good faith, upon the basis of the information supplied by that Candidate. Therefore, The Client alone will be responsible for taking references and for satisfying themselves that the Candidates introduced to them are suitable, since the Company cannot accept any responsibility for the failure of any applicant to comply with the Client’s requirements in any respect.

1st Choice accepts no liability of any kind, arising either directly or indirectly, from any act or admission, be it negligence, fraud or dishonesty, of any applicant introduced by 1st Choice to the Client; which causes (or might cause) any loss or damage to property of any nature, or any other loss to include (but not limited to) loss of profit; nor for any injury occasioned to any person either employed with the Client or any other person whatsoever.

Any information concerning Candidates supplied by 1st Choice to the Client is and shall remain confidential and shall not be divulged to any third party.