Top Tips for a successful interview

Interview dos and dont’s

Attending a new job interview can be a nerve-racking experience.  Here are some tips from 1st Choice Jobs, on what to do and not do when you attend an interview.


  • Come Prepared!
  • Fully research the company. Firstly ask the Recruiter. They may have many years of experience recruiting for the company and can give an interesting insight. Thoroughly read their website, also look on google, news sites and social media. Make sure you know how to get there!
  • Try to find out who their clients are, their competitors and what the company culture is like
  • Look at the interviewers’ profiles in Linked in
  • Prepare some real life examples of challenges faced and problems you have resolved to help answer questions posed by interviewer
  • Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer
  • Fully understand the Job Spec and match your skills and experience to this. Think about any skills gaps that you may have and how you will deal with this.
  • Prepare your outfit in advance. Dress appropriately and make sure you are well groomed. Clean and shiny shoes certainly say a lot about a person!
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Bring a Notebook and Pen
  • Turn off your Phone!
  • Arrive 10 minutes early-make sure you know in advance where to park (if applicable)
  • Treat everyone you meet in a friendly manner and with respect
  • Ask for clarification if you do not understand a question
  • Have good Body Language
  • Be Enthusiastic and Motivated



  • DON’T arrive Late
  • DON’T be Unprepared
  • DON’T chew Gum or Smell of Smoke
  • DON’T use Foul language
  • DON’T be Scruffy
  • DON’T take a friend for support
  • DON’T make negative comments about past employers
  • DON’T say ‘um’, ‘you know’, ‘like’, etc.
  • DON’T give the impression you are only interested in the salary

Looking for a career in IT?

1st Choice Jobs has over 30 years of experience in finding local positions for IT professionals. We offer a range of services for both companies and candidates, so whether your looking for a new job or need business advice call our Kent IT Recruitment team to find out how we can help on 01303 813 399.

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